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is an AR Art Artist, Tv Show Producer, Music Video Director, 3D VFX Animator, Web Developer, and Technology Healer in the creative industry.

His expertise includes all aspects of design from logo/poster design, magazine cover photography, music video, TV production, 3D VFX stage visual production, and AR/VR marketing development.
He is great to combine multiple digital elements to make the maximum promotional result. 
Video Marketing, Brand Advertisement Campaigns with Influencers, 3D avatar development...etc

Let's create something you have never seen before.


President of  Yoshi Idea Production

Founder / CEO of Digitalize

Founder / CEO of DesignersTV

Founder / Owner of KIMO Couture

I AM Flower of Life.

YOSHI  biography

Yoshi started to learn projection mapping in 2012 Tokyo, utilizing editing software and Dj mixing sound. After he created couple art projects in Tokyo, he realized that he need to go abroad to learn different cultures.


He continued studying video / sound editing in Canada, and he started to learn CG(Computer Graphics), Motion Graphics and VFX Animation. He wanted to express something above this world, not just capturing the objects in this world. He created over 20 projection mapping stages at the venues in Toronto such as ROM( Royal Ontario Museum ), Daniel Spectrum Theater, MOD Club, The Great Hall...etc

He also was interested in virtual reality, so he started learning green screen VFX production, utilizing Tricaster switcher with multiple cameras. 


In 2015, he got hired as creative director at Distractional Studios ( Green screen live streaming studio ). 

He created over 80 live streaming TVshow contents in the studio, such as LIVE Social Media News ( 1hour live local news show),

Mixclusive( 1hour live entertainment show), Dchannel( Tech Review show), Spirit of Tea ( 1hour live spiritual talk show ).

In 2016, he started creating live streaming shows on  location, such as Miss Asia Canada 2016 Grand Finale Live, Hollywood North Event at Tiff ( Powered by Heineken )...etc.


In 2018, he expand his video production category into higher quality cinematography. He created many commercial videos for companies, organizations and events.

Toronto Fashion Week, FAT Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Canadian Asian Fashion Week, Restaurant Canada Show, Miss Face of Humanity, Miss Heritage Canada, JRAC(Japanese Restaurant Associations of Canada), Korea Beauty, JETRO Canada (Japanese Government), Sessionz App, MITURF App, Diamond Bride, Cause4Paws, Steelcon inc...etc 


In 2019, he started creating music videos for local artists such as Dr.Draw, Austin Strange, NANU, MelxDie,  Sakuramai...etc

In 2021, he became a show producer of Miss Face of Humanity Global Showcase and produced an International Live TV Show involving 40+ countries. He also started creating NFT development for events, and artists.

In 2022, he started Digitalize, which is AR, VR Marketing Solutions for local businesses, exploring new technology such as 3D avatar development, and Augmented Realty product package designs.


YOSHI  viDeo production demoreel

2020 - 2021

2018 - 2019


2015 - 2016

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